Kendo UI Training Bundle

$ 349.00
$ 349.00
Classes will run on December 07 - 08 from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM PST
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Bundle the Kendo UI Web Training with the Kendo UI Mobile Training and save! Master all aspects of Kendo UI with this 2 day, comprehensive online training class. You’ll work with a live instructor who will walk you through the entire Kendo UI framework. Master modern web application development with HTML5 and JavaScript on day one and build on those concepts on day 2 while building your first cross-platform mobile app.

All you need is a text editor and this class to become a Kendo UI ninja!

Topics covered include:

Day 1: Kendo UI

  • Intro to Kendo UI Web
  • JQuery Crash Course
  • Building Your First Kendo UI Program
  • Kendo UI Widgets
  • DataSource
  • Templates
  • MVVM
  • DataGrid
  • Data Visualization Widgets

Day 2: Kendo UI Mobile

  • Overview of Kendo UI Mobile Framework
  • Building Your First Mobile App
  • Retrieving Data
  • Mobile Widgets
  • Forms
  • Data Visualization Widgets
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Submitting to the App Store

All Attendees Receive a Free Kendo UI Training Guide

Kendo UI Nuts and Bolts

Kendo UI Nuts and Bolts is the book we could have used on our virtual shelf some time back. Some of the toughest topics to ramp up on like binding to remote data sources, foreign keys, a thorough workup of the Kendo UI Grid, imperative and declarative widget instantiation and MVVM are presented in a clear, logical progression. The book is intended for web developers and designers that want to use the Kendo UI framework and widgets to build responsive applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.


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