Mentoring Express - Architecture

$ 375.00
$ 375.00

Architects are hard to come by.

Chances are, you have a project in mind where you need help to make technology meet your vision. You’ve tried training and you need someone to help you and your team build that vision. This is where we come in. Our architects are industry experts with a broad spectrum of knowledge on different verticals where they have applied technologies like:

  • At scale web application leveraging
  • Mobile application for consumer and enterprise implementations
  • Rock solid Service Layers and Database schematics
  • Cloud architecture for web, mobile, IoT and big data

Here is how it works.

After purchasing hours for Mentoring Express Architecture, we will set up an initial meeting with and architect to review your project’s goals and challenges. Based on your input, we will propose a schedule of meeting times and topics. Between each meeting, a Falafel Architect will spend time looking at your specific needs, creating examples that cater to you, and if needed, building pieces of your application! At each meeting the examples will be explained, and this is your opportunity to ask your Falafel Architect questions or have him review any work you have done. If you would like, you can even save some of your architect hours to be used throughout a project’s life-cycle. Keep them in the bank for when you run across a tricky scenario and need architect support support. Hours can be saved for 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Want to move your system to the cloud with Microsoft Azure?
  • Just get started with IoT and need to build the infrastructure?
  • New to create a 5 - 7 year vision for your next major project?
  • Want to pick the right technologies and platforms?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a Falafel Architect!

Time must be used within 1 calendar year from the time of purchase.

There will be no refund of unused mentoring time.

Please Download, sign, and fax this Disclaimer to Falafel Software. Fax # 831-480-4902.

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