Sitefinity 9 - Training Guide for Admins and Designers

$ 19.95
$ 19.95

Updated for Sitefinity 9!

If you want to design and configure Sitefinity websites, this is the guide you need on your e-bookshelf. For years, the Falafel Sitefinity training guides has been the de-facto standard for learning to use, administer, design and program Telerik’s Sitefinity Content Management System. In this revision, we’ve focused on how administrators and designers can efficiently manage and structure Sitefinity 9 websites. Please Note: Buying an individual book and not the bundle, will not qualify for upgrading to the bundle later on.

  • Configure personalization, ecommerce and marketing campaigns
  • Manage installed modules
  • Setup Responsive Web Design
  • Configure site authentication and permissions
  • Define workflows
  • Use site synchronization
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Deploy your site to the Azure cloud
  • Configure tracking and retrieve site analytics
  • Configure Alternative Publishing
  • Create and modify widget and page templates
  • Use Sitefinity Feather to create and customize widgets and pages
  • Style with popular packages like Bootstrap, Foundation and Semantic UI
  • Work with master pages
  • Install and edit themes

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