Sitefinity 9 - Training Guide for Developers

$ 29.95
$ 29.95

Updated for Sitefinity 9!

If you want to build Sitefinity widgets or perform custom behaviors programmatically on your Sitefinity websites, this is the guide you need on your e-bookshelf. For years, the Sitefinity Nuts and Bolts series has been the de facto standard for learning to use, administer, design and program the Sitefinity Content Management System. In this revision, we're focused on providing you with lots of code-rich examples for jobs that can't be duplicated in the Sitefinity UI.

Please Note: Buying an individual book and not the bundle, will not qualify for upgrading to the bundle later on.

This includes steps on how to:

  • Use Sitefinity Web Services to access and perform CRUD operations on pages and content
  • Use MVC and Feather to create controls and designers
  • Work with Sitefinity projects in Visual Studio
  • Use the Sitefinity API to access and perform CRUD operations on pages, content items, forms and more
  • Authenticate and create users, roles and permissions programmatically
  • Use the Sitefinity Visual Studio Thunder plugin to manage and modify Sitefinity websites
  • Create mobile apps to manage custom module data on smart devices

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