Kendo UI Mobile Nuts and Bolts

$ 39.95
$ 39.95

Some of the toughest topics to ramp up on like binding to remote data sources, foreign keys, a thorough workup of the Kendo UI Grid, imperative and declarative widget instantiation and MVVM are presented in a clear, logical progression.

The book is intended for web developers and designers that want to use the Kendo UI framework and widgets to build responsive mobile applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.


We’ve included detailed sections on many complex topics in Kendo UI including:

  • Get started using the rich set of Kendo UI Mobile widgets.
  • Work with mobile views, including how to navigate between views, pass parameters, use modal views, and understand display differences between iOS and Android.
  • Access local and remote data, including how to tweak the data as it moves to and from the server, and how to perform full CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations using any element or using the Kendo UI Grid.

Our 250-page book is available as an instant download, and in it you’ll find sections geared towards each type of Kendo UI user.


This book is for Kendo UI Mobile
This training guide is presented as a downloadable pdf.
After purchase, you will be e-mailed download instructions and the PDF will be immediately available.

Kendo UI® is a registered trademark of Telerik AD.

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