Kendo UI - Nuts and Bolts - Bundle

$ 59.00
$ 59.00

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Some of the toughest topics to ramp up on like binding to remote data sources, foreign keys, a thorough workup of the Kendo UI Grid, imperative and declarative widget instantiation and MVVM are presented in a clear, logical progression.

These books intended for web developers and designers that want to use the Kendo UI framework and widgets to build responsive mobile applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.

We’ve included detailed sections on many complex topics in Kendo UI including:

  • Binding to remote data source
  • Foreign Keys
  • Kendo UI Grid
  • Imperative and declarative widget instantiation
  • MVVM

These training guides are presented as downloadable pdfs.
After purchase, you will be e-mailed download instructions and the PDFs will be immediately available.

Kendo UI® is a registered trademark of Telerik AD.

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