ASP.NET Core Online Training

$ 199.00
$ 199.00
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Learn the basics of ASP.NET Core in this 4-hour online session.

This class starts from an empty web application and walks through the new project structure, startup system, and supported configuration options.

Along the way you’ll learn why ASP.NET Core is a complete rewrite of ASP.NET, and what some of the goals of the new product are and how they’ve been achieved.

This class uses Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 and Visual Studio Code 1.0.

You should take this training if:

  • You are working with ASP.NET today and expect to work on ASP.NET Core within the next 12 months
  • You are responsible for making decisions about when your organization adopts ASP.NET Core
  • You are familiar with node.js or other non-Microsoft web stacks, and you’re interested in learning about the Microsoft .NET Core stack.

Who should take this class:

  • Web developers
  • Technical managers

What you will learn:

  • ASP.NET Core Goals and History
  • Visual Studio 2015 Templates for ASP.NET Core projects
  • Developing ASP.NET Core apps with Visual Studio Code (on Windows, Mac, or Linux)
  • ASP.NET Core project structure
  • ASP.NET Core startup process
  • ASP.NET Core middleware
  • ASP.NET Core configuration and environments
  • ASP.NET Core logging

Students should be prepared to run labs/exercises from their machine using Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 or Visual Studio Code 1.0.

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