Building Web Apps with Kendo UI

$ 199.00
$ 199.00
Class will run on demand, the date of the training will be set according to availability of you and our trainers.  This session requires a minimum of five attendees total (not just from your company).
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Kendo UI bundles everything you need to create modern web applications in one box. No more searching the web for the bits and pieces you need to create modern web applications using HTML5 and Javascript. With Kendo UI there is a consistent programming interface, rich JQuery-based widgets, an MVVM framework, themes, templates and more; all in one tested and supported package.

Let the expert trainers at Falafel Software show you how to build mind-blowing HTML5 web applications, right from the start. In this 4-hour online training course, you’ll learn from a live instructor who will walk you through the creation of your first Kendo UI web application explaining the concepts, techniques and tools you’ll need to become a Kendo UI ninja. All you need to take this course is a text editor and a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

Course topics include:

  • Intro to Kendo UI
  • JQuery Crash Course
  • Building Your First Kendo UI Program
  • Kendo UI Widgets
    • ColorPicker
    • Date and Time Pickers
    • Slider
    • Editor
    • Menus, PanelBars and TreeViews
    • DropDown and Combo Lists
  • The Kendo UI DataSource
  • Kendo UI Templates
  • MVVM with Kendo UI
  • The DataGrid
  • Data Visualization Widgets

Want to learn how to build mobile apps with Kendo UI Mobile? You can bundle this training class with our Kendo UI Mobile course for just $150 more. Purchase the Kendo UI training bundle here.

All Attendees Receive a Free Kendo UI Training Guide

Kendo UI Nuts and Bolts is the book we could have used on our virtual shelf some time back. Some of the toughest topics to ramp up on like binding to remote data sources, foreign keys, a thorough workup of the Kendo UI Grid, imperative and declarative widget instantiation and MVVM are presented in a clear, logical progression. The book is intended for web developers and designers that want to use the Kendo UI framework and widgets to build responsive applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.

Upon successful registration from this store, attendee will receive a registration email for the training from GoToWebinar that will include the access code, phone numbers to use worldwide and answers to most Visual and Audio questions regarding the training.

*Falafel Software reserves the right to cancel any offered online Summit class in the event of insufficient advanced registration. Registered attendees will be contacted 7 to 14 days prior to the training to notify you if the class has been canceled.

The material presented in this webinar training is the property of Progress Software Corporation or its subsidiaries. Recording of this webinar, in any form, is strictly prohibited. The video presentation of this training is copyright Progress Software Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

ONE STUDENT PER REGISTRATION. The registration is PER ATTENDEE, not per GoToMeeting connection. Thank-you.

Kendo UI® is a registered trademark of Telerik AD.

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